Hephaestus Airsoft
  • AMD-65 Pistol Grip for GBB
  • AMD-65 Handguard with Foregrip for AEG/GBB

About Us


Hephaestus Airsoft is dedicated to providing innovative solutions to help our customers enjoy the excitement of Airsoft sport and bringing high-grade products to more players worldwide.
We focus on Gas Blow Back (GBB) Airsoft. This new generation of Airsoft has been growing in these recent years in order to make Airsoft games come to realistic life. GBB is designed to be as realistic as possible, which is combined with a blowback and lifelike action. Players will greatly improve their tactical performances with the limited ammunition supply and with the momentum of the rifle's reaction. GBB is "a step ahead but a slow one." We endeavor to promote Airsoft sport worldwide as a tactical simulation.
Our vision is to help you create a more memorable gaming moment with this sport. Our company has the ability to deliver a wide range of well-designed and quality products and to invest in new research and development that can meet customer needs. We are also committed to provide excellent customer services as well.
We love Airsoft. We play Airsoft.